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What is youthreach?

A new charity in Barrie and Simcoe County supporting youth and families who might not otherwise participate in recreational activities.

What does youthreach do?

We administrate funding to assist financially challenged families and youth trying to access recreational and social programs. We engage committed volunteers, community organizations, municipalities and young people to promote opportunity to our youth.

Who does youthreach help?

We promote opportunities for youth at a critical stage in life to make choices that harness all their potential and energy into positive pursuits.

How can you help youthreach?

• Become a sponsor or donor
• Please help promote youthreach to your networks
• Please tell people about the youthreach grant program so youth facing barriers end up participating
• Program providers can link with our logo on their websites so participants aren’t discouraged by prices when researching programs. To request our logo for your website please contact us

View Our Strategic Plan.


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