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Frequently Asked Questions


How does youthreach help?

• youthreach provides support to youth and families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered extra curricular activities outside of typical school and home routines.

• youthreach supports programs that provide youth participants a sustained experience offered by recognized leaders and instructors.

• Children must be 3.5 years of age and able to participate in the program independently.

Who is eligible to receive youthreach support?

• Youth facing barriers

• youthreach considers social and economic barriers facing individuals and their families when determining eligibility.

• Families with low income, unemployed or currently receiving income support through government programs are all considered eligible.

• Support is allocated for registration fees, other expenses may not be funded.

• Youth can receive support once per 12 month period.

What does youthreach support cover?

• youthreach provides financial support once per 12 month period.

When is the deadline to apply?

• It’s best to submit your application to youthreach as soon as you register in the program.

• Programs that are complete are not eligible for funding and youthreach cannot reimburse a family directly for fees already paid to a program provider.

How can I submit my youthreach application?

1. youthreach’s online application works on a computer and most mobile devices. Please note that all fields are required to submit the application. There are also two fields that require you to attach either pictures or files of your youth’s program registration form as well as your most recent income tax notice of assessment.

2. If you prefer to complete the application offline you can download it, fill in the required fields and then save and attach it with the required youth’s program registration form and your most recent income tax notice of assesment also attached to an email sent to

3. If you don’t have a copy of the registration form to attach please submit your application but ensure you have completed the Program Information section of the application as thoroughly as possible.

4. Lastly, you can print and complete the application and fill it in with a pen. Please ensure you complete all fields and include copies of your youth’s program registration form and your most recent income tax notice of assesment. Please mail to youthreach, PO Box #212, Barrie ON, L4M 4T2 or scan and email everything to

Application Directions:

1.In order to be awarded funding please complete all sections of the application including Participant Information, Parent/Guardian Information, Program Information, Income Information and Endorsement Information.

2. If possible complete the Program Information section after you have registered your child in the program and attach a copy of the registration form (this step means you will need to notify the organization/club that you are applying for a grant from youthreach so they will register your child and know to expect payment from youthreach if your application is approved)

3. Please verify you financial situation as per the application form’s required fields for Income and Endorsement Information.

4. Applications are reviewed by the youthreach adjudication committee within two weeks of being received. Payments for approved applications are sent to program providers within 30 days of the review date.

How can I contact youthreach?

If you require further information please call (705) 718-7731 or email

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