Every child should have the opportunity to participate

Every child should have the opportunity to participate in programs such as dance, music, sports – but we know not all families can afford the registration fees.

YouthReach is a Simcoe County based charity that helps provide kids with the opportunity to get involved in the programs they want to participate in. We try our best to help as many kids in our communities as we can.

We believe that through this participation, it gives a kid a chance to grow, develop a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to be a “normal kid”- not a child facing barriers.

YouthReach was founded in 2015 as a charity committed to helping families get their kids into programs they may not be able to afford. We provide grants to join theatre arts, dance, soccer, music, hockey, day camps, martial arts, baseball, any structured skills-based program that supports a child’s growth and development. And, gives them the chance to be a kid!

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