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Youthwing Application Form Online

Introduced by the YouthReach Board of Directors in 2017, a YouthWing funding grant is approved to support youth with a distinguished level of passion for a program in which further participation will result in ongoing positive impact to themselves and others. As of 2017 the Board has adopted this purposeful approach to youth development in consideration of some significant needs for additional support in certain special cases amongst approved YouthReach applicants. This support may be approved to applicants who have significantly contributed to their program area or whose proven dedication to their program area has had a significant positive impact on themselves and/or others.

All youth that display outstanding passion and commitment to a program that connects them with community outside of regular school hours and their home are eligible for YouthWing funding from YouthReach. In terms of the grant criteria, “outstanding” is defined as passion and commitment that exceeds ordinary participation and expectations of youth in their preferred program. Youth must meet the following specified criteria:

1. Be a past and current recipient of a YouthReach grant and be able to continue participating in their program area in the future in addition to committing to YouthWing development plan requirements.
2. Show outstanding leadership and teamwork potential…
3. Help organize, run, coordinate, and participate in events…
4. Positively benefit other youth participants as a direct result of their work and dedication.
5. YouthWing grant recipients commit to take part in a public recognition opportunity within twelve months of the grant being approved.
6. YouthWing Grant recipients must complete a survey measuring the impact of the support offered by YouthReach within one year of receiving the support.
7. Provide leadership and display a commitment level that exceeds the faithful performance of the ordinary duties and expectations of the youth program…

YouthWing Grant Q&A

The YouthWing Grant is approved to support youth with a distinguished level of passion for a program in which further participation will result in ongoing positive impact to themselves and others.

Any past recipient of support from YouthReach.

A youth may reapply annually if all requirements are met.

After YouthWing Development Plans are received and completed they are reviewed at a round-table meeting with the youth, their instructor/coach and parent/guardian as well as the YouthReach Coordinator and one YR Board Member. Final approval will be made subsequent to the round-table meeting by YouthReach’s Board of Directors.

The same adjudication process would be followed, but the Board Member will be removed from the process in order to keep the integrity of the grant.

Yes. A youth can apply twice during a twelve month period. If the first Plan is declined, a response from the YouthReach Coordinator will state why, and give direction for re-submission. If the second attempt is declined, the youth can still be awarded a grant, but the adjudication process will not occur until the following year.

A YouthWing Grant recipient will receive financial support paid directly to the program provider, a commemorative gift for a keep-sake as well as participate in a public recognition ceremony within one year.

The recipient will be presented with the commemorative gift at a public recognition ceremony within one year.

Youthwing Application

Parent/Guardian/Adult Information

Program Provider or Instructor

Please describe why you are interested in furthering your participation in the program you are passionate about. (required) (required)

Please describe what your instructor/coach sees in you: (required)

Please describe how you and your immediate community will benefit from you participating further in the activity you are passionate about: (required)

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